A scaling study of SEDNA, Hight resolution simulation of Arctic Ocean Sea Ice interplays, on Fugaku

Other titles 北極圏における海氷と海の相互作用高精度シミュレーション「SEDNA」の富岳におけるスケーリングスタディ
Type Activity Report
Date 2021-05
Language English
Ref. Project Number: hp 200264
Other localization https://www.hpci-office.jp/output/hp200264/outcome.pdf?1640761741
Author(s) Odaka TinaORCID1
Keyword(s) NEMO, XIOS, Arctic Ocean, Sea Ice, DASK

In order to study how the dynamics of mesoscale turbulent eddies in the Arctic Ocean in the presence of sea ice affect the rate of sea ice loss, a highly accurate simulation model of sea ice and the ocean in the Arctic, SEDNA (Sea ice - EDdy resolving ocean paN-Arctic configuration), has been developed on a European supercomputer, Joliot-Curie AMD Irene ROME (ROME). The size of ROME does not allow us to perform long simulations of more than ten years. The goal of this project is to determine the feasibility of running long SEDNA simulations (over a few decades) on the supercomputer Fugaku. 

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