The Third Workshop on Population of the RDBES Data Model (WKRDB-POP3)

The aims of this workshop were to explain the data model developed for the commercial fisheries Regional Database and Estimation System (RDBES), assist in populating it with real data for the second test data call for the RDBES, and encourage participants to take part in ongoing testing of the RDBES data submission system.
This report documents the progress that participants have done to prepare their institutes for future use of the RDBES system. Some issues with data conversion have been identified and are documented in this report. None of the identified issues are thought to be serious impediments to moving forward with the RDBES development according to the roadmap decided by the Steer-ing Committee of the Regional Fisheries Database in 2020. The RDBES Core Group (the group of people developing the RDBES data model) and ICES Data Centre will look at the results of this workshop and either respond to individual questions or adapt the data model and documenta-tion as required.
The workshop concluded and reported before the deadline of the test data call. For a complete test of the data model, all participants were encouraged to complete the data call. A report on the degree of completion of the data call may be expected from WGRDBESGOV which convenes after the data call deadline.

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