Active hydrothermal vents in the Woodlark Basin may act as dispersing centres for hydrothermal fauna

Other titles Les systèmes hydrothermaux actifs du bassin de Woodlark peuvent jouer le rôle de centres de dispersion pour la faune hydrothermale
Type Article
Date 2022-03
Language English
Author(s) Boulart CedricORCID1, Rouxel OlivierORCID2, Scalabrin CarlaORCID2, Le Meur Pierre3, Pelleter EwanORCID2, Poitrimol Camille1, Thiebaut Eric1, Matabos MarjolaineORCID4, Castel Jade1, Tran Lu Adrien Y.5, 6, Michel LoicORCID4, Cathalot CecileORCID2, Chéron Sandrine2, Boissier AudreyORCID2, Germain Yoan2, Guyader VivienORCID2, Arnaud-Haond SophieORCID7, Bonhomme François5, Broquet ThomasORCID1, Cueff-Gauchard ValerieORCID8, Le Layec Victor1, 6, L’haridon Stéphane8, Mary Jean1, Le Port Anne-Sophie1, Tasiemski Aurélie9, Kuama Darren C.10, Hourdez Stéphane6, Jollivet Didier1
Affiliation(s) 1 : UMR 7144 AD2M CNRS-Sorbonne Université, Station Biologique de Roscoff, Place Georges Tessier, 29680, Roscoff, France
2 : IFREMER REM-GM, Technopôle Brest Plouzané, 29280, Plouzané, France
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10 : PNG Science and Technology Secretariat, University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Source Communications Earth & Environment (2662-4435) (Springer Science and Business Media LLC), 2022-03 , Vol. 3 , N. 1 , P. 64 (16p.)
DOI 10.1038/s43247-022-00387-9
WOS© Times Cited 8

Here we report the discovery of a high-temperature hydrothermal vent field on the Woodlark Ridge, using ship-borne multibeam echosounding and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) exploration. La Scala Vent Field comprises two main active areas and several inactive zones dominated by variably altered basaltic rocks, indicating that an active and stable hydrothermal circulation has been maintained over a long period of time. The Pandora Site, at a depth of 3380 m, is mainly composed of diffuse vents. The Corto site, at a depth of 3360 m, is characterized by vigorous black smokers (temperature above 360 °C). The striking features of this new vent field are the profusion of stalked barnacles Vulcanolepas sp. nov., the absence of mussels and the scarcity of the gastropod symbiotic fauna. We suggest that La Scala Vent Field may act as a dispersing centre for hydrothermal fauna towards the nearby North Fiji, Lau and Manus basins.

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Boulart Cedric, Rouxel Olivier, Scalabrin Carla, Le Meur Pierre, Pelleter Ewan, Poitrimol Camille, Thiebaut Eric, Matabos Marjolaine, Castel Jade, Tran Lu Adrien Y., Michel Loic, Cathalot Cecile, Chéron Sandrine, Boissier Audrey, Germain Yoan, Guyader Vivien, Arnaud-Haond Sophie, Bonhomme François, Broquet Thomas, Cueff-Gauchard Valerie, Le Layec Victor, L’haridon Stéphane, Mary Jean, Le Port Anne-Sophie, Tasiemski Aurélie, Kuama Darren C., Hourdez Stéphane, Jollivet Didier (2022). Active hydrothermal vents in the Woodlark Basin may act as dispersing centres for hydrothermal fauna. Communications Earth & Environment, 3(1), 64 (16p.). Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :