An international intercomparison exercise on passive samplers (DGT) for monitoring metals in marine waters under a regulatory context

Type Article
Date 2022-11
Language English
Author(s) Gonzalez Jean-LouisORCID1, Amouroux IsabelleORCID2, Guesdon StephaneORCID3, Menet-Nedelec FlorenceORCID4, Ponzevera EmmanuelORCID2, Montero Natalia5, Marras Barbara5, Schintu Marco5, Caetano Miguel6, Correia Dos Santos Margarida7, Rodrigo Sanz Marta8, Millán Gabet Vanessa8, Rodríguez Jose German9, Belzunce-Segarra María Jesús9, Larreta Joana9, Menchaca Iratxe9, Bersuder Philippe10, Bolam Thi10, Regan Fiona11, White Blánaid11, Zhang Hao12
Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer, LITTORAL, Environmental Resources Laboratory (Provence-Azur-Corse), Zone Portuaire de Brégaillon, 83507 La Seyne/mer, France
2 : Ifremer, Unit of Biogeochemistry and Ecotoxicology, Rue de l'Ile d'Yeu, 44300 Nantes, France
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11 : DCU Water Institute, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland
12 : Lancaster University, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster LA1 4YQ, United Kingdom
Source Science Of The Total Environment (0048-9697) (Elsevier BV), 2022-11 , Vol. 847 , P. 157499 (10p.)
DOI 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2022.157499
WOS© Times Cited 4
Keyword(s) Interlaboratory exercise, Water framework directive, Passive sampling, DGT, Priority metals

In order to move forward in the acceptance of a novel contaminant monitoring technique (Diffusive Gradients in Thin-films: DGT) for assessment of marine water bodies, sensu the WFD, an Inter-Laboratories Comparison (ILC) exercise (nine Europeans laboratories) was organized in the framework of the Interreg Atlantic Area MONITOOL project, which focused on the use of the DGT technique for the measurement of WFD priority metals (Cd, Ni and Pb).

Reproducible results were obtained for each metal by several laboratories, supporting the assertion that DGT analysis can be performed satisfactorily by laboratories experienced in measuring metals at trace levels in marine environments, even if they have limited practice in DGT analysis.

According to the Z-score analysis, among the 9 participating laboratories, 3 had 100 % of satisfactory results for Cd, Ni, and Pb, 3 had >80 % satisfactory results and 2 had about 60 % satisfactory results.

This work highlights the need to clearly describe the DGT method in order to control sources of contamination during analytical steps, in particular the resin gel retrieval and the elution steps.

Such international intercomparison exercise is an important step to develop the laboratory network involved in DGT analysis and contributes to the improvement of data quality.

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Gonzalez Jean-Louis, Amouroux Isabelle, Guesdon Stephane, Menet-Nedelec Florence, Ponzevera Emmanuel, Montero Natalia, Marras Barbara, Schintu Marco, Caetano Miguel, Correia Dos Santos Margarida, Rodrigo Sanz Marta, Millán Gabet Vanessa, Rodríguez Jose German, Belzunce-Segarra María Jesús, Larreta Joana, Menchaca Iratxe, Bersuder Philippe, Bolam Thi, Regan Fiona, White Blánaid, Zhang Hao (2022). An international intercomparison exercise on passive samplers (DGT) for monitoring metals in marine waters under a regulatory context. Science Of The Total Environment, 847, 157499 (10p.). Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :