Observation of the Coastal Areas, Estuaries and Deltas from Space

Type Article
Date 2023-10
Language English
Author(s) Laignel Benoit1, Vignudelli StefanoORCID2, Almar Rafael3, Becker Mélanie4, Bentamy Abderrahim5, Benveniste Jérôme6, Birol Florence3, Frappart Frédéric7, Idier Deborah8, Salameh Edward1, Passaro Marcello9, Menende Melisa10, Simard Marc11, Turki Emma Imen1, Verpoorter Charles12
Affiliation(s) 1 : Université de Rouen Normandie, Université Caen Normandie, CNRS, M2C, UMR 6143, 76000, Rouen, France
2 : Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR-IBF), Via Moruzzi 1, 56127, Pisa, Italy
3 : Université de Toulouse, LEGOS (CNES/CNRS/IRD/UPS), 31400, Toulouse, France
4 : LIENSs, UMRi 7266 CNRS-La Rochelle Université, 17000, La Rochelle, France
5 : Laboratoire Spatial et Interfaces Air-Mer (IFREMER), Centre Bretagne - ZI de la Pointe du Diable, CS 10070, 29280, Plouzané, France
6 : European Space Agency (ESA-ESRIN), Largo Galileo Galilei 1, 00044, Frascati, Italy
7 : INRAE, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, UMR ISPA, Villenave dʼOrnon, 33882, France
8 : BRGM, 3 Av. Claude Guillemin, 45100, Orléans, France
9 : Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut der Technischen Universität München, Arcisstraße 21, 80333, Munich, Germany
10 : IHCantabria - Instituto de Hidráulica Ambiental de la Universidad de Cantabria, 39011, Santander, Spain
11 : Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, 4800 Oak Grove, Pasadena, CA, 91109, USA
12 : Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale, CNRS, Univ. Lille, IRD, UMR 8187 - LOG - Laboratoire d’Océanologie et de Géosciences, 62930, Wimereux, France
Source Surveys In Geophysics (0169-3298) (Springer Science and Business Media LLC), 2023-10 , Vol. 44 , N. 5 , P. 1309-1356
DOI 10.1007/s10712-022-09757-6
WOS© Times Cited 9
Keyword(s) Coastal environments, Shoreline, Satellites, Hydrodynamics, Topography, Bathymetry, Sediment, Coastal vegetation, Vertical land motion

Coastal regions (including estuaries and deltas) are very complex environments with diverse hydrodynamic and bio-geomorphological contexts and with important socio-economic and ecological problems. These systems are among the most affected by human impact through urbanization and port activities, industrial and tourism activities. They are directly affected by the impact of climate change on sea level, storm surges frequency and strength, as well as recurrence of coastal river floods. A sustainable future for coastal zones depends on our capacity to implement systematic monitoring with focus on: (1) forcings affecting coastal zones at different spatio-temporal scales (sea level rise, winds and waves, offshore and coastal currents, tides, storm surges, river runoff in estuaries and deltas, sediment supply and transport, vertical land motions and land use); (2) morphological response (e.g., shoreline migration, topographical changes). Over the last decades, remote sensing observations have contributed to major advances in our understanding of coastal dynamics. This paper provides an overview of these major advances to measure the main physical parameters for monitoring the coastal, estuarine and delta environments and their evolution, such as the water level and hydrodynamics near the shoreline, water/sediment contact (i.e., shoreline), shoreline position, topography, bathymetry, vertical land motion, bio-physical characteristics of sediments, water content, suspended sediment, vegetation, and land use and land cover.

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Laignel Benoit, Vignudelli Stefano, Almar Rafael, Becker Mélanie, Bentamy Abderrahim, Benveniste Jérôme, Birol Florence, Frappart Frédéric, Idier Deborah, Salameh Edward, Passaro Marcello, Menende Melisa, Simard Marc, Turki Emma Imen, Verpoorter Charles (2023). Observation of the Coastal Areas, Estuaries and Deltas from Space. Surveys In Geophysics, 44(5), 1309-1356. Publisher's official version : https://doi.org/10.1007/s10712-022-09757-6 , Open Access version : https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00817/92908/