Contamination of planktonic food webs in the Mediterranean Sea: Setting the frame for the MERITE-HIPPOCAMPE oceanographic cruise (spring 2019)

This paper looks at experiential feedback and the technical and scientific challenges tied to the MERITE-HIPPOCAMPE cruise that took place in the Mediterranean Sea in spring 2019. This cruise proposes an innovative approach to investigate the accumulation and transfer of inorganic and organic contaminants within the planktonic food webs. We present detailed information on how the cruise worked, including 1) the cruise track and sampling stations, 2) the overall strategy, based mainly on the collection of plankton, suspended particles and water at the deep chlorophyll maximum, and the separation of these particles and planktonic organisms into various size fractions, as well as the collection of atmospheric deposition, 3) the operations performed and material used at each station, and 4) the sequence of operations and main parameters analysed. The paper also provides the main environmental conditions that were prevailing during the campaign. Lastly, we present the types of articles produced based on work completed by the cruise that are part of this special issue.


Contaminants, Plankton, Mediterranean Sea, Size fractions, Bioaccumulation, Atmospheric deposition

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Tedetti Marc, Tronczynski Jacek, Carlotti François, Pagano Marc, Ismail Sana Ben, Sammari Cherif, Hassen Malika Bel, Desboeufs Karine, Poindron Charlotte, Chifflet Sandrine, Zouari Amel Bellaaj, Abdennadher Moufida, Amri Sirine, Bănaru Daniela, Abdallah Lotfi Ben, Bhairy Nagib, Boudriga Ismail, Bourin Aude, Brach-Papa Christophe, Briant Nicolas, Cabrol Léa, Chevalier Cristele, Chouba Lassaad, Coudray Sylvain, Yahia Mohamed Nejib Daly, de Garidel-thoron Thibault, Dufour Aurélie, Dutay Jean-Claude, Espinasse Boris, Fierro-González Pamela, Fornier Michel, Garcia Nicole, Giner Franck, Guigue Catherine, Guilloux Loïc, Hamza Asma, Heimbürger-Boavida Lars-Eric, Jacquet Stéphanie, Knoery Joël, Lajnef Rim, Belkahia Nouha Makhlouf, Malengros Deny, Martinot Pauline L., Bosse Anthony, Mazur Jean-Charles, Meddeb Marouan, Misson Benjamin, Pringault Olivier, Quéméneur Marianne, Radakovitch Olivier, Raimbault Patrick, Ravel Christophe, Rossi Vincent, Rwawi Chaimaa, Hlaili Asma Sakka, Tesán-Onrubia Javier Angel, Thomas Bastien, Thyssen Melilotus, Zaaboub Noureddine, Garnier Cédric (2023). Contamination of planktonic food webs in the Mediterranean Sea: Setting the frame for the MERITE-HIPPOCAMPE oceanographic cruise (spring 2019). Marine Pollution Bulletin. 189. 114765 (18p.).,

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