Data quality control considerations in multivariate environmental monitoring: experience of the French coastal network SOMLIT

IntroductionWhile crucial to ensuring the production of accurate and high-quality data—and to avoid erroneous conclusions—data quality control (QC) in environmental monitoring datasets is still poorly documented. MethodsWith a focus on annual inter-laboratory comparison (ILC) exercises performed in the context of the French coastal monitoring SOMLIT network, we share here a pragmatic approach to QC, which allows the calculation of systematic and random errors, measurement uncertainty, and individual performance. After an overview of the different QC actions applied to fulfill requirements for quality and competence, we report equipment, accommodation, design of the ILC exercises, and statistical methodology specially adapted to small environmental networks (<20 laboratories) and multivariate datasets. Finally, the expanded uncertainty of measurement for 20 environmental variables routinely measured by SOMLIT from discrete sampling—including Essential Ocean Variables—is provided. Results, Discussion, ConclusionThe examination of the temporal variations (2001–2021) in the repeatability, reproducibility, and trueness of the SOMLIT network over time confirms the essential role of ILC exercises as a tool for the continuous improvement of data quality in environmental monitoring datasets.


environmental monitoring network, data quality control, inter-laboratory comparison exercises, measurement uncertainty, analyst performance, multivariate dataset

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Breton Elsa, Savoye Nicolas, Rimmelin-Maury Peggy, Sautour Benoit, Goberville Eric, Lheureux Arnaud, Cariou Thierry, Ferreira Sophie, Agogué Hélène, Alliouane Samir, Aubert Fabien, Aubin Sébastien, Berthebaud Eric, Blayac Hadrien, Blondel Lucie, Boulart Cedric, Bozec Yann, Bureau Sarah, Caillo Arnaud, Cauvin Arnaud, Cazes Jean-Baptiste, Chasselin Leo, Claquin Pascal, Conan Pascal, Cordier Marie-Ange, Costes Laurence, Crec’hriou Romain, Crispi Olivier, Crouvoisier Muriel, David Valérie, Del amo Yolanda, de Lary Hortense, Delebecq Gaspard, Devesa Jeremy, Domeau Aurélien, Durozier Maria, Emery Claire, Feunteun Eric, Fauchot Juliette, Gentilhomme Valérie, Geslin Sandrine, Giraud Mélanie, Grangeré Karine, Grégori Gerald, Grossteffan Emilie, Gueux Aurore, Guillaudeau Julien, Guillou Gael, Harrewyn Manon, Jolly Orianne, Jude-Lemeilleur Florence, Labatut Paul, Labourdette Nathalie, Lachaussée Nicolas, Lafont Michel, Lagadec Veronique, Lambert Christophe, Lamoureux Jezebel, Lanceleur Laurent, Lebreton Benoit, Lecuyer Eric, Lemeille David, Leredde Yann, Leroux Cédric, Leynaert Aude, L’helguen Stéphane, Liénart Camilla, Macé Eric, Maria Eric, Marie Barbara, Marie Dominique, Mas Sébastien, Mendes Fabrice, Mornet Line, Mostajir Behzad, Mousseau Laure, Nowaczyk Antoine, Nunige Sandra, Parra René, Paulin Thomas, Pecqueur David, Petit Franck, Pineau Philippe, Raimbault Patrick, Rigaut-Jalabert Fabienne, Salmeron Christophe, Salter Ian, Sauriau Pierre-Guy, Seuront Laurent, Sultan Emmanuelle, Valdès Rémi, Vantrepotte Vincent, Vidussi Francesca, Voron Florian, Vuillemin Renaud, Zudaire Laurent., Garcia Nicole (2023). Data quality control considerations in multivariate environmental monitoring: experience of the French coastal network SOMLIT. Frontiers In Marine Science. 10. -.,

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