How do gravity alterations affect animal and human systems at a cellular/tissue level?

Type Article
Date 2023-10
Language English
Author(s) Cialdai Francesca1, Brown Austin M.2, Baumann Cory W.3, Angeloni Debora4, Baatout SarahORCID5, Benchoua Alexandra6, Bereiter-Hahn Juergen7, Bottai Daniele8, Buchheim Judith-Irina9, Calvaruso Marco10, Carnero-Diaz Eugénie11, Castiglioni Sara12, Cavalieri DuccioORCID13, Ceccarelli Gabriele14, Choukér AlexanderORCID9, Ciofani GianniORCID15, Coppola Giuseppe16, Cusella Gabriella14, Degl’innocenti Andrea17, 18, Desaphy Jean-FrancoisORCID19, Frippiat Jean-PolORCID20, Gelinsky MichaelORCID21, Genchi Giada15, Grano Maria19, Grimm DanielaORCID22, 23, Guignandon Alain24, Hahn Christiane25, Hatton Jason25, Herranz RaúlORCID26, Hellweg Christine E.ORCID27, Iorio Carlo Saverio28, Karapantsios ThodorisORCID29, Van Loon JackORCID30, Lulli MatteoORCID31, Maier Jeanette12, Malda Jos32, Mamaca Emina33, Morbidelli Lucia34, Van Ombergen Angelique25, Osterman Andreas35, Ovsianikov AleksandrORCID36, Pampaloni FrancescoORCID37, Pavezlorie Elizabeth38, Pereda-Campos Veronica39, Przybyla CyrilleORCID40, Puhl Christopher41, Rettberg PetraORCID42, Risaliti ChiaraORCID1, Rizzo Angela MariaORCID43, Robson-Brown Kate44, Rossi Leonardo45, Russo Giorgio10, Salvetti Alessandra45, Santucci DanielaORCID46, Sperl MatthiasORCID47, Strollo Felice48, Tabury KevinORCID5, Tavella SaraORCID49, Thielemann ChristianeORCID50, Willaert RonnieORCID51, Szewczyk Nathaniel J.ORCID3, Monici MonicaORCID1
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Source Npj Microgravity (2373-8065) (Springer Science and Business Media LLC), 2023-10 , Vol. 9 , N. 1 , P. 84 (9p.)
DOI 10.1038/s41526-023-00330-y

The present white paper concerns the indications and recommendations of the SciSpacE Science Community to make progress in filling the gaps of knowledge that prevent us from answering the question: “How Do Gravity Alterations Affect Animal and Human Systems at a Cellular/Tissue Level?” This is one of the five major scientific issues of the ESA roadmap “Biology in Space and Analogue Environments”. Despite the many studies conducted so far on spaceflight adaptation mechanisms and related pathophysiological alterations observed in astronauts, we are not yet able to elaborate a synthetic integrated model of the many changes occurring at different system and functional levels. Consequently, it is difficult to develop credible models for predicting long-term consequences of human adaptation to the space environment, as well as to implement medical support plans for long-term missions and a strategy for preventing the possible health risks due to prolonged exposure to spaceflight beyond the low Earth orbit (LEO). The research activities suggested by the scientific community have the aim to overcome these problems by striving to connect biological and physiological aspects in a more holistic view of space adaptation effects.

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Cialdai Francesca, Brown Austin M., Baumann Cory W., Angeloni Debora, Baatout Sarah, Benchoua Alexandra, Bereiter-Hahn Juergen, Bottai Daniele, Buchheim Judith-Irina, Calvaruso Marco, Carnero-Diaz Eugénie, Castiglioni Sara, Cavalieri Duccio, Ceccarelli Gabriele, Choukér Alexander, Ciofani Gianni, Coppola Giuseppe, Cusella Gabriella, Degl’innocenti Andrea, Desaphy Jean-Francois, Frippiat Jean-Pol, Gelinsky Michael, Genchi Giada, Grano Maria, Grimm Daniela, Guignandon Alain, Hahn Christiane, Hatton Jason, Herranz Raúl, Hellweg Christine E., Iorio Carlo Saverio, Karapantsios Thodoris, Van Loon Jack, Lulli Matteo, Maier Jeanette, Malda Jos, Mamaca Emina, Morbidelli Lucia, Van Ombergen Angelique, Osterman Andreas, Ovsianikov Aleksandr, Pampaloni Francesco, Pavezlorie Elizabeth, Pereda-Campos Veronica, Przybyla Cyrille, Puhl Christopher, Rettberg Petra, Risaliti Chiara, Rizzo Angela Maria, Robson-Brown Kate, Rossi Leonardo, Russo Giorgio, Salvetti Alessandra, Santucci Daniela, Sperl Matthias, Strollo Felice, Tabury Kevin, Tavella Sara, Thielemann Christiane, Willaert Ronnie, Szewczyk Nathaniel J., Monici Monica (2023). How do gravity alterations affect animal and human systems at a cellular/tissue level? Npj Microgravity, 9(1), 84 (9p.). Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :