Anti-Biofilm Extracts and Molecules from the Marine Environment

Pathogenic bacteria and their biofilms are involved in many diseases and represent a major public health problem, including the development of antibiotic resistance. These biofilms are known to cause chronic infections for which conventional antibiotic treatments are often ineffective. The search for new molecules and innovative solutions to combat these pathogens and their biofilms has therefore become an urgent need. The use of molecules with anti-biofilm activity would be a potential solution to these problems. The marine world is rich in micro- and macro-organisms capable of producing secondary metabolites with original skeletons. An interest in the chemical strategies used by some of these organisms to regulate and/or protect themselves against pathogenic bacteria and their biofilms could lead to the development of bioinspired, eco-responsible solutions. Through this original review, we listed and sorted the various molecules and extracts from marine organisms that have been described in the literature as having strictly anti-biofilm activity, without bactericidal activity.


biofilm, marine natural products, bacteria, anti-biofilm

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Caudal Flore, Roullier Catherine, Rodrigues Sophie, Dufour Alain, Artigaud Sebastien, Le Blay Gwenaelle, Bazire Alexis, Petek Sylvain (2024). Anti-Biofilm Extracts and Molecules from the Marine Environment. Marine Drugs. 22 (7). 313 (22p.).,

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