The Ocean Reanalyses Intercomparison Project (ORA-IP)

Type Article
Date 2015
Language English
Author(s) Balmaseda M. A.1, Hernandez F.2, 3, Storto A.4, Palmer M. D.5, Alves O.5, Shi L.6, Smith G. C.7, Toyoda T.8, Valdivieso M.9, Barnier B.10, Behringer D.11, Boyer T.12, Chang Y-S.13, 14, Chepurin G. A.15, Ferry N.3, Forget Gael16, Fujii Y.8, Good S.5, Guinehut S.17, Haines K.9, Ishikawa Y.18, Keeley S.1, Koehls A.19, Lee T.20, Martin M. J.5, Masina S.4, 21, Masuda S.22, Meyssignac B.23, Mogensen K.1, Parent L.3, Peterson K. A.5, Tang Y. M.1, Yin Y.6, Vernieres G.24, Wang X.25, Waters J.5, Wedd R.6, Wang O.20, Xue Y.11, Chevallier M.26, Lemieux J-F.7, Dupont F.7, Kuragano T.8, Kamachi M.8, Awaji T.18, Caltabiano A.27, Wilmer-Becker K.28, Gaillard FabienneORCID29
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Source Journal Of Operational Oceanography (1755-876X) (Taylor & Francis Ltd), 2015 , Vol. 8 , P. S80-S97
DOI 10.1080/1755876X.2015.1022329
WOS© Times Cited 113
Note Special Issue: GODAE OceanView Part 1 FP7 : MyOcean2 and COMBINE
Abstract Uncertainty in ocean analysis methods and deficiencies in the observing system are major obstacles for the reliable reconstruction of the past ocean climate. The variety of existing ocean reanalyses is exploited in a multi-reanalysis ensemble to improve the ocean state estimation and to gauge uncertainty levels. The ensemble-based analysis of signal-to-noise ratio allows the identification of ocean characteristics for which the estimation is robust (such as tropical mixed-layer-depth, upper ocean heat content), and where large uncertainty exists (deep ocean, Southern Ocean, sea ice thickness, salinity), providing guidance for future enhancement of the observing and data assimilation systems.
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Balmaseda M. A., Hernandez F., Storto A., Palmer M. D., Alves O., Shi L., Smith G. C., Toyoda T., Valdivieso M., Barnier B., Behringer D., Boyer T., Chang Y-S., Chepurin G. A., Ferry N., Forget Gael, Fujii Y., Good S., Guinehut S., Haines K., Ishikawa Y., Keeley S., Koehls A., Lee T., Martin M. J., Masina S., Masuda S., Meyssignac B., Mogensen K., Parent L., Peterson K. A., Tang Y. M., Yin Y., Vernieres G., Wang X., Waters J., Wedd R., Wang O., Xue Y., Chevallier M., Lemieux J-F., Dupont F., Kuragano T., Kamachi M., Awaji T., Caltabiano A., Wilmer-Becker K., Gaillard Fabienne (2015). The Ocean Reanalyses Intercomparison Project (ORA-IP). Journal Of Operational Oceanography, 8, S80-S97. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :