Evaluation and improvement of shellfish dredge design and fishing effort in relation to technical conservation measures and environmental impact: [ECODREDGE CT98-4465]

Type Report
Date 2003-05
Language English
Author(s) Lart William1, Jacklin Marcus1, Horton Roger1, Ward Nigel1, Arkely Ken1, Misson Trevor1, Allan Peter1, Savage Thomas1, Lart Geoff1, Berthou Patrick2, Priour Daniel2, Fifas Spyros2, Danioux Christian2, Pitel MathildeORCID2, Brand Andy3, Jenkins Stuart3, Allen Hugh4, Campbell Ross4, Da Ros Luisa5, Nesto Nicoletta5, Bianchi Franco5, Acri Francesco5, Boldrin Alfredo5, Nasci Cristina5, Penzo Mauro5, Antonini Antonini5, Cesca Arduino5, Marin Marco5, Pellizzato Michele5, Marin Maria6, Moschino Vanessa6, Pampanin Daniela6, Ballarin Loriano6, Casellato Sandra6, Masiero Luciano6, Del Favero Marcello6, Allan Peter6, Chicharo Luís7, Chicharo Alexandra7, Alves Filipe7, Tata Regala João7, Gaspar Miguel B.8, Santos Miguel N.8, Leitao Francisco8, Sobral Manuel8, Dias Maria D.8, Campos Aida8, Monteiro Carlos C.8, Falcao Manuela M.8, Vale Carlos8, Caetano Miguel8, Burnell Gavin9, Maguire Julie9, Byrne Pam9
Affiliation(s) 1 : Sea Fish Industry Authority, Hull, UK
2 : IFREMER, Brest, France
3 : Port Erin Marine Laboratory University of Liverpool
4 : Mallaig and Northwest Fishermen’s Association Ltd, Scotland
5 : Istituto di Biologia del Mare, Venezia National Research Council, Italy
6 : Universite di Padova: Dipartimento di Biologia
7 : Faculty of Marine Science and Aquaculture, Universidade Do Algave
8 : Instituto de investigacao das Pescas e do Mar (IPIMAR)
9 : Aquaculture Development Centre, National University of Ireland, Cork University College
Version Seafish Report CR 198-200 - ISBN 0 903941 46 5
Abstract This project systematically examines the bivalve dredging process and its physiological and ecological consequences. The literature on ecology and population dynamics of the target species, dredge design and fisheries and the environmental effects of dredging and selectivity of dredging is reviewed. A programme of experimental work, both laboratory and field studies is described in scallop and clam dredge fisheries in European waters; scallop species (UK, France) Pecten maximus, Aequipecten opercularis, clam species (Italy; N. Adriatic) Chamelea gallina, clam species (Portugal) Spisula solida, Donax trunculus, Callista chione. Selectivity measures and dredge design are examined for their consequences in terms of environmental effects. Studies included physical, chemical and biological effects both at individual and community level, and selectivity of dredging. These studies include the use of instrumentation and modelling to describe physical effects and behavioural observations, stress and damage indices, both acute and chronic, to describe environmental effects. In the discussion measurement of environmental effects and selectivity are discussed along with the environmental effects of selectivity parameters, dredge designs and responses to fishing effort. The results are discussed in the context of dredge fishery management.
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Lart William, Jacklin Marcus, Horton Roger, Ward Nigel, Arkely Ken, Misson Trevor, Allan Peter, Savage Thomas, Lart Geoff, Berthou Patrick, Priour Daniel, Fifas Spyros, Danioux Christian, Pitel Mathilde, Brand Andy, Jenkins Stuart, Allen Hugh, Campbell Ross, Da Ros Luisa, Nesto Nicoletta, Bianchi Franco, Acri Francesco, Boldrin Alfredo, Nasci Cristina, Penzo Mauro, Antonini Antonini, Cesca Arduino, Marin Marco, Pellizzato Michele, Marin Maria, Moschino Vanessa, Pampanin Daniela, Ballarin Loriano, Casellato Sandra, Masiero Luciano, Del Favero Marcello, Allan Peter, Chicharo Luís, Chicharo Alexandra, Alves Filipe, Tata Regala João, Gaspar Miguel B., Santos Miguel N., Leitao Francisco, Sobral Manuel, Dias Maria D., Campos Aida, Monteiro Carlos C., Falcao Manuela M., Vale Carlos, Caetano Miguel, Burnell Gavin, Maguire Julie, Byrne Pam (2003). Evaluation and improvement of shellfish dredge design and fishing effort in relation to technical conservation measures and environmental impact: [ECODREDGE CT98-4465]. https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00307/41851/