Simulation of Chemical status assessment using DGT results

The overarching objective of the MONITOOL project is to improve the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD, 2000/60/CE) for the assessment of chemical status of transitional and coastal waters, allowing the use of passive sampling devices in a regulatory context.

The MONITOOL project provides a robust database of dissolved and labile metal concentrations in transitional and coastal waters, which is used to adapt existing Environmental Quality Standards (EQS; 0.45 µm filtered) to suitable EQSDGT for passive sampling devices.

In the framework of the WP6 - action 1, it has been proposed two approaches to use the DGT results for the chemical status assessment: either interpret DGT labile concentration to EQS DGT or predict metals dissolved concentration from their concentration in DGT and compare it to the EQS marine water.  DGT EQS are proposed for cadmium, nickel and lead, and a model can be used to predict the concentration in the dissolved fraction from DGT results.

Currently, to assess the chemical status of a waterbody regarding Pb, Cd or Ni, the Directive requires to compare the average monthly concentrations measured in spot water samples (analysis on filtered water) for one year (12 results) per WFD cycle (every 6 years) to the EQS marine water (AA - Annual Average - EQS).

In this document a simulation of the “chemical status” assessment based on the MONITOOL results is done for each sampling site, using results from spot water samples compared to AA-EQS marine water, ii) using the DGT results compared to the adpated EQS DGT and iii) using the predicted metal dissolved concentration from its DGT results and compare to the EQS marine water.

The scope of this deliverable is to update the simulation of the chemical status by using the results of the 2022 campaign (additional campaign - MONITOOL extension).

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Amouroux Isabelle, Guesdon Stephane (2023). Simulation of Chemical status assessment using DGT results. Ref. Additional document MONITOOL extension. Monitool project. Technical deliverables. WP6. Action 3. MONITOOL - Intereg Atlantic Area.

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