Determining natal origin for improved management of Atlantic bluefin tuna

Type Article
Date 2019-10
Language English
Author(s) Rodríguez‐ezpeleta Naiara1, Díaz‐arce Natalia1, Walter John F2, Richardson David E3, Rooker Jay R4, Nøttestad Leif5, Hanke Alex R6, Franks James S7, Deguara Simeon8, Lauretta Matthew V2, Addis Piero9, Varela Jose Luis10, 11, Fraile Igaratza1, Goñi Nicolas1, Abid Noureddine12, Alemany Francisco13, Oray Isik K14, Quattro Joseph M15, Sow Fambaye N16, Itoh Tomoyuki17, Karakulak F Saadet14, Pascual‐alayón Pedro J18, Santos Miguel N19, Tsukahara Yohei17, Lutcavage Molly20, Fromentin Jean-MarcORCID21, Arrizabalaga Haritz1
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21 : MARBEC Université de Montpellier Sète ,France
Source Frontiers In Ecology And The Environment (1540-9295) (Wiley), 2019-10 , Vol. 17 , N. 8 , P. 439-443
DOI 10.1002/fee.2090
WOS© Times Cited 39

Effective sustainable management of marine fisheries requires that assessed management units (that is, fish stocks) correspond to biological populations. This issue has long been discussed in the context of Atlantic bluefin tuna (ABFT, Thunnus thynnus) management, which currently considers two unmixed stocks but does not take into account how individuals born in each of the two main spawning grounds (Gulf of Mexico and Mediterranean Sea) mix in feeding aggregations throughout the Atlantic Ocean. Using thousands of genome‐wide molecular markers obtained from larvae and young of the year collected at the species’ main spawning grounds, we provide what is, to the best of our knowledge, the first direct genetic evidence for “natal homing” in ABFT. This has facilitated the development of an accurate, cost‐effective, and non‐invasive tool for tracing the genetic origin of ABFT that allows for the assignment of catches to their population of origin, which is crucial for ensuring that ABFT management is based on biologically meaningful stock units rather than simply on catch location.

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Rodríguez‐ezpeleta Naiara, Díaz‐arce Natalia, Walter John F, Richardson David E, Rooker Jay R, Nøttestad Leif, Hanke Alex R, Franks James S, Deguara Simeon, Lauretta Matthew V, Addis Piero, Varela Jose Luis, Fraile Igaratza, Goñi Nicolas, Abid Noureddine, Alemany Francisco, Oray Isik K, Quattro Joseph M, Sow Fambaye N, Itoh Tomoyuki, Karakulak F Saadet, Pascual‐alayón Pedro J, Santos Miguel N, Tsukahara Yohei, Lutcavage Molly, Fromentin Jean-Marc, Arrizabalaga Haritz (2019). Determining natal origin for improved management of Atlantic bluefin tuna. Frontiers In Ecology And The Environment, 17(8), 439-443. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :