Occurrence and characterization of tremolite asbestos from the Mid Atlantic Ridge

Tremolite is one of the most common amphibole species and, in the fibrous form (i.e., characterized by crystals/particles consisting of fibres with length > 5 µm, width < 3 µm and aspect ratio > 3), one of the six asbestos minerals. Until now the attention of crystallographers has focused only on samples from continental environment. Here we report the first chemical and structural data of a tremolite asbestos found along the Mid Atlantic Ridge (MAR) at the eastern intersection of the Romanche Transform Fault (Equatorial MAR). Tremolite is associated with chlorite and lizardite and was formed through the green shale facies lower than zeolite in a predominantly fluid system. MAR tremolite asbestos shows very slight deviations from the ideal crystal structure of tremolite. Differences in cation site partitioning were found with respect to tremolite asbestos from ophiolitic complexes, attributed to the different chemical–physical conditions during the mineral formation. In particular, oceanic tremolite asbestos is enriched in Al and Na, forming a trend clearly distinct from the continental tremolites.

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Di Giuseppe Dario, Perchiazzi Natale, Brunelli Daniele, Giovanardi Tommaso, Nodari Luca, Della Ventura Giancarlo, Malferrari Daniele, Maia Marcia, Gualtieri Alessandro F. (2021). Occurrence and characterization of tremolite asbestos from the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Scientific Reports. 11 (1). 6285 (12p.). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-021-85576-w, https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00685/79703/

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