REEFTEMPS the Pacific Insular Coastal Water Observation Network

ReefTEMPS is a sensor network which is part of the French national federative Research Infrastructure for coastal ocean and seashore observations ILICO.


Observation infrastructure, Coastal observatory, Wave measurements, Pacific Islands, Environmental time series, Sensor Observation Service, FAIR data, ILICO

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Hocdé Régis, Fiat Sylvie, Varillon David, Aucan Jérôme (2021). REEFTEMPS the Pacific Insular Coastal Water Observation Network. Fernandez Vicente, Lara-Lopez Ana, Eparkhina Dina, Cocquempot Lucie, Lochet Corine, Lips Inga (eds.) (2021). Proceedings of the 9th EuroGOOS International Conference ‘Advances in Operational Oceanography: Expanding Europe’s Observing and Forecasting Capacity’. 3 – 5 May 2021. EuroGOOS. Brussels, Belgium. 2021. pp.292-295.

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